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Mindful living. Mindful eating.

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Dalia is a Wellness Chef, Corporate Cooking Instructor and Holistic Speaker

Hello! My goal is to create meals that improve your energy and vitality and cater to your personal eating style.


I hail from a pineapple plantation in Southern India and spent my childhood on rice paddy fields surrounded by coconut trees and acres of banana trees.  Living harmoniously with nature was a concept innately learned from childhood. Coming from a farming family, my meals came from the earth and at a young age I became aware of how food nourished the body and provided strength for the day. These experiences have influenced my food and wellness philosophy deeply.  I am a trained Chef from the Natural Gourmet Institute and studied Plant Nutrition at Cornell University. I went on to hone my skills in the restaurant kitchens of Jean Georges' Spice Market, Pure Food & Wine,the James Beard Foundation, and as a Catering Chef for Linkedin HQ feeding 400 ppl daily. After leaving the high intensity workplace that is NYC kitchens, I now share my knowledge of food and holistic living with my clients as their Personal Chef, Corporate Cooking Instructor and Holistic Speaker.


My hope is that one of my posts provides you with inspiration towards discovering new tastes or making a simple change for the betterment of your mind and body. Cheers to you and lots of love.

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  • Personal Chef and Catering Events

  • Corporate Cooking Classes

  • Hosting and Moderating for Food and Wellness TV & Social Media

  • Food and Culinary Brand Ambassadorship & Spokesperson

  • Recipe Development & Social Media Content Creation

  • Menu Consulting