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Herbed Zucchini Lamb & Sirloin Meatballs

When I make meatballs I try to pack as many green things in as possible. Here is a fabulous “green” meatball that has been a huge hit with the kids anddddd adults. Plus they are baked!! Less mess in the kitchen and easy on the grease this way. Pair it with some greek yogurt, fresh sliced radishes for a kick, some pickled red chilies (see Walnut Mushroom Stuffed Cabbage Rolls for pickled red chili recipe put link on Cabbage Rolls)), a little lemon, and some fresh herbs and you have a sumptuous meal for yourself.  

Kitchen Equipment You Need:


Organic Safflower or Canola Oil Spray

.75 lb of Ground Lamb

.75 lb of Ground Sirloin

½ Tsp Apple Cider Vinegar

1 ½ Tsp Light Agave

1 Tbl Garlic Powder

1 Cup of Finely Shredded Green Zucchini

⅛ Cup of Good Olive Oil

¼ Cup of Finely Chopped Mint

1 ½ Tsp Ground Cumin

1 Cup Finely Chopped Cilantro

1 Cup FChopped Scallions

Dill for Garnish and Added Flavor

½ Tsp + ¼ Tsp of Ground Black Pepper

2 -2 ½ Tsp Pink Himalayan Sea Salt (or Sea Salt is fine)

½ Cup of Gluten Free or Regular Breadcrumbs

½ cup water

​Large Bowl

Mixing Spoon

Measuring Cups

Measuring Spoons

Baking Sheet Trays X2

Parchment Paper

Oven for Baking

Small 1 cup  bowl

1 small pan

Oven Mitts

Food Processor (Optional)

Good Knife

How to Make

  1. Turn oven on to bake at 350 F. Pour ½ cup water into small bowl and set on the side by the baking sheet trays lined with parchment paper. Spray oil spray evenly onto baking sheet trays with parchment

  2. Cut up the zucchini throw into food processor, and pulse till finely chopped. Chop up Scallions, Cilantro, and Mint finely and to the correct cup measurement

  3. Mix all the ingredients together (minus the oil spray and ½ cup water which is used in step 1) into a large bowl. Make sure all the meat, zucchini, herbs, spices, sweetener, vinegar are all distributed evenly throughout

  4. Heat up pan, use some extra olive to coat bottom of pan and take a teaspoon of the meat mixture to cook on the pan. This is your “test” mixture to see if the seasonings are where you would like it to be. after you taste test the cooked and browned meat off the pan, add more salt, garlic powder, vinegar if you feel the need

  5. Move your bowl of ground mixed herbed meat towards your small bowl of water and baking sheet trays ready for the oven

  6. Wet your hands with water from small bowl and start rolling meatballs to the size you see best fit for your family. Larger meatballs will fit 1 tray, smaller meatballs will fit 2 trays

  7. Once all meatballs are rolled out, wash hands and place the trays into the oven

  8. Take out wit mitts when meatball reaches a reddish brown color about 20-25 min. Taste test and see if it is cooked to your tastebuds, I prefer them juicy and less dried out. If you like them well done meatballs place back in oven for a few more minutes and cook to your discretion of doneness

  9. Take out and let it cool then plate with greek yogurt. lemon, dill, pickled red chilies, and radishes Herbed Zucchini Lamb & Sirloin Meatballs

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