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Deep Conversations | Cooking & Eating


"The key is to create a trusting and inviting environment for the conversation to flow."

- Dalia David, Founder of Honest Eating


Women Leadership & Gender Equity

This cooking experience provides a comfortable environment for women to lean in and have open & insightful conversations about their roles, how they can work together and team up in a more impactful way.


Race Convos over Food

Any conversations about race and other areas of diversity can be awkward, often difficult to navigate and fraught with potential to offend. The key is to create a trusting and inviting environment for the conversation to flow. In my DEI cooking experience, the atmosphere is relaxed and natural, allowing for frank and illuminating discussion.


As a South Asian female Chef that can relay my own experiences of coming to America, facing and overcoming tough, traumatic challenges to work in the food industry; many find it easy to open up in my sessions to tell their own tales. These sessions make hard conversations light and lead with humor, while enlightening everyone at the same time. 

Self Care & Reflection 

What do we need to give ourselves to feel balanced?

How do we do our inner work?

How do we start the process of understanding what we need?

What makes us feel rooted?

What can we give to ourselves today to start initiating more self care?


These questions and more are what we explore while we cook a meal together or enjoy a wellness focused meal prepared by Chef Dalia & team. Goal is to achieve a centered mindset on personal needs while learning, being inspired by the various outlooks of fellow team members.


Immersive Eating Experience

A team bonding event that is multi-sensory. Teams explore their taste buds together. Attendees gain insight into personal palate and have spirited discussions around what they’re eating and thinking about the flavor combinations. This helps participants get to know one another deeper and in a more personal way.


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