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Dalia David

Dalia is a public speaker, press contributor, and an advocate for the food and wellness world.

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Dalia David is a celebrity chef, wellness cuisine specialist, lifestyle & food personality on the crossroads of mental health, self care, DEI and women empowerment solutions. Her career trajectory puts her in a unique position to entertain and engage with food while contributing to solving for social issues.

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Dalia David is the first South Asian Wellness Chef to appear on Food Network’s Chopped and become a finalist. Chef Dalia has a natural way of speaking that makes her extremely relatable and puts people at ease; she is a straight shooter, inclusive and speaks with originality and kindness. Dalia combines her cooking skills with helping people understand their relationship with food so they feel confident to design their own gratifying eating habits. This urge to help has led her to make multiple TV and podcast appearances to spread the word about leaning into our deeply personal holistic lifestyle. 


If you’re looking for a chef, food expert, or culinary judge that’s comfortable on camera, and can really resonate with your audience by speaking authentically, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Dalia is available to participate as a speaker or panelist on a variety of culinary and wellness topics, as well as those relating to women empowerment, diversity and inclusion. 


Dalia is educated in Plant Nutrition from Cornell University and her chef training is from Natural Gourmet Institute. She has worked in the NYC kitchens of Jean Georges’ Spice Market, Pure Food and Wine in Gramercy, The James Beard House and as Head Vegetarian Chef for Linkedin HQ.

Within her community, Dalia is best known for facilitating solution oriented critical discussions.

  • podcasts
    Dalia has been a podcast interviewee exploring topics such as our solving problems within our relationship with food, gender equality for women chefs, and entrepreneurship. Anatomy of a Chef - Dalia David Foodie and the Beast -Federal News Network - Chef Dalia helps people have better relationships with food
  • articles and published recipes
    Bon Appetit - Dalia’s Hoisin and Balsamic Glazed Lamb Chops Simple Recipes - Dalia’s Kerala Egg Fry Food Network Chopped Press - American Bazaar Online India Abroad - Food Network Chopped Highlights
  • organizations
    Alumni Administrator - Natural Gourmet Institute Contributor - Schusterman Reality Foundation Alumni & Contributor - New York Women’s Chef Alliance Contributor - Tastemade Contributor - Women in Hospitality (Formerly Toklas) Contributor - SF Lady Chefs
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