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On a Mission to bring the earth,

food and its people together. 

Hello and welcome!


If you're interested in living with energy & vitality, and feeling a deep connection to the earth and to nature - you've come to the right place



A Wellness Philosophy Inspired by Nature


Hello and welcome!


I hope to inspire you to explore new tastes and to discover simple ways to improve your wellbeing and reconnect to nature and all that it has to offer.


My food and wellness philosophy is strongly influenced by my earliest experiences growing up on a pineapple plantation in Southern India. After spending my childhood surrounded by rice paddy fields, acres of coconut and banana trees I learned that living harmoniously with nature is more than just an abstract idea. It is a wellness philosophy that connects each of us with the earth, our most natural source of energy and vibrancy.  

I trained at the Natural Gourmet Institute and studied Plant Nutrition at Cornell University. I honed my skills in the restaurant kitchens of Jean Georges' Spice Market, Pure Food & Wine, the James Beard Foundation, and as a Catering Chef for Linkedin HQ feeding 400 ppl daily. After leaving the high intensity workplace that is NYC kitchens, I now share my knowledge of food and holistic living as a Personal Chef, Corporate Cooking Instructor and Eating for Sustainability Speaker.


Cheers to you and lots of love,

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Work with Me


How Can I Support You On Our Shared Intention? 
  • Personal Chef 

  • Wellness Recipe Development

  • Food and Sustainability Writing

  • Menu Consultations

  • Corporate & Kid's Cooking Classes

  • Event Catering Planning

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Mindful Living. Mindful Eating.


Raw Creamy Coconut Yogurt with Fruit and Granola
Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 10.56.30
Dalia’s Thai Shrimp
Coconut Curry
MA Edit 2.png
Savory Beet and
Carrot Stew
MA Edit 3.png
 Carmelized Mushroom & Walnut Stuffed Cabbage
MA Edit 6.png
Herbed Zucchini Lamb & Sirloin Meatballs
MA Edit 4.png
Spanish Style Charred Cauliflower Tacos
MA Edit 1.png

"Healthy food should be exciting and bursting with flavor. It should have soul and become something you want to eat over and over again."

                                                              - Chef Dalia David

Let's Connect!


Women Leadership & Gender Equity

This cooking experience provides a comfortable environment for women to lean in and have open & insightful conversations about their roles, how they can work together and team up in a more impactful way.

Race Convos over Food

Any conversations about race and other areas of diversity can be awkward, often difficult to navigate and fraught with potential to offend. The key is to create a trusting and inviting environment for the conversation to flow. In my DEI cooking experience, the atmosphere is relaxed and natural, allowing for frank and illuminating discussion.


As a South Asian female Chef that can relay my own experiences of coming to America, facing and overcoming tough, traumatic challenges to work in the food industry; many find it easy to open up in my sessions to tell their own tales. These sessions make hard conversations light and lead with humor, while enlightening everyone at the same time. 

Immersive Eating Experience

A team bonding event that is multi-sensor. Teams explore their taste buds together. Attendees gain insight into personal palate and have spirited discussions around what they’re eating and thinking about the flavor combinations. This helps participants get to know one another deeper and in a more personal way.

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