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virtual cooking classes


from my kitchen to yours

These virtual cooking sessions were born in March 2019 during the first COVID lockdown as an effort to bring joyful distraction & human connection in quarantine. They are now built out to help companies and their teams connect more deeply while remote & create something wonderful together with their hands.

I would be thrilled to host your next virtual cooking experience. Teaching is my passion, cooking is my livelihood. I am here to share it with you so that we can support each other.

Chef Dalia



Great for virtual retreats, summits, and team bonding events. Process to set up a cooking session is easy & takes only 30 minutes from start to finish.


We will make healthy global dishes that take you around the world & maintain your waistline. I teach you how to cook indulgent foods that nourish your body!


Cooking session is 1 hour, after which teams have the opportunity to enjoy a family meal together!

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