who's dalia david?


Dalia's food philosophy focuses on sharing world cuisine and creating social impact. Her modus operandi: to show how we are all connected through the foods we eat. Food is the one thing we all have in common, we have plenty to learn about each other through the history and background of the dishes we enjoy. Her goal is to educate and break down racism through an understanding of how our food culture unifies us.

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For me, cooking is...

Cooking for others is about taking care of them, showing them the utmost consideration for their wellbeing.

I learned to cook at...

The age of 6, have been experimenting with things in the fridge and pantry and fed my siblings while both my parents worked full time.

A role model in the kitchen is...

My aunt who is the best cook I know, Ina Garten, Angelo Sosa, and Adeena Sussman

A cooking secret...

Taste as you go. Creating food is an art form, you are constantly building flavors.